In a certain way I want to walk like a beetle on your breasts. I want to empty you of heart beats, inflate your lungs with my breath. For it…

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Where it is almost dawn

I now only enter through doors with my body creating a diagonal. I do this out of respect for the shadow-race; for his shadow is the skin-race. I no longer…

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Where it is almost dawn

Raúl I came to be, I do not know about Irene, if Irene became within him, if she became a part of herself, if my mother is another part his,…

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Where it is almost dawn

When a little ice becomes depressed by heat, I remember your eyes depressing the world; its inaccessible cliffs; its who knows how many eccentric characters dug deep in its own…

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Where it is almost dawn

You know that in less than a minute you will crash against the lamp post. You know that you should go easy on the accelerator. You know that all of…

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Where it is almost dawn

We shook our hearts in a frying pan and it ended up steaming between us: that slippery oil that is life.

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Poemas en inglés (English translation by Ben Clark) Where it is almost dawn